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Quality Cables for All
§ Quality Cam Cables:
   _43 corewires in the Coax
   _Soft Skin and Flexible
   _RoHS / leadfree
§ Fully inspected with:
   _mW watch continuity
   _High Voltage Insulation
   _Final Visual

12 Pin Camera to CCU CamCable

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12 pin cable.
12 pin cable.SFCC-AX-10G-Metercamera cable
Your Price: Starting at $195.00
Product Made by: SFCC Vision Systems
Manufacturer Part No: SFCC-AX-10W
Nickname: W Cables
Standard leadtime is 10 days after order.

Product Options

Standard Length:
All parts are RoHS Compliant and Genuine Quality!   Made in U.S.A.
 Hirose 12 pin Connectors --> Male: HR10A-10WTP-12P(73) and  Female: HR10A-10WTP-12S(73)
(Threaded Coupling Type Connectors) 
Benefit the best image quality by our Super Flexible Camera Cables!
Industrial/Security/ Robotic Machine Vision use flexible multicore coaxial cables with 12-pin Hirose connectors Assembly. 
12-pin camera cables assembled with HR10 connectors great for 12 pin CCD cameras.
Our Cables Good for Automotive Industry , Medical Device Industry , Machine Vision Industry.
Customer can choose lengths: 2 meter, 3 meter, 5 meter,7 meter, 10 meter ,15 meter, 20 meter,25 meter etc.
 All products are RoHS compliant!    LeadFree!
Components & Assembly: Made only in U.S.A !
  • 100% Tested Continuity and High Voltage Isolation!
  • 100% Tested with mW range for solder quality assurance!
  • highest quality controlled products!
  • Supplier reliability Guaranteed!

    What is the difference between SFCC-AX-10G (connector's dimension 13mm) and SFCC-AX-10W(connector's dimension 12mm)? Please see the connector's dimension!
12 Pin miniature HIROSE HR10A Connectors are - 
   (Threaded Coupling Type Connectors)      Male:     HR10A-10WTP-12P(73)  
                                                               Female:  HR10A-10WTP-12S(73)
  • Best for Analog CCD modules:              
  • Why Use SFCC High Quality Cables?

     High quality resolution cameras will not show high quality images unless the cable that it is being supported by is high quality.
    No matter how good the camera is, the resolution won't be as great with a bad cable. But, with a high quality cable, the image will be shown with the best quality and the highest resolution.
  • Made in U.S.A


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Why buy Quality-Cables?

— Cable assemblies are major part of your system interconnects crucial for long term performance.

— Cable failures often found very difficult to detect, time consuming, and thus unpredictable and costly.

— Using a proven high quality cable assembly from the beginning is the key to your success in safety, efficiency, and resulting maximum total value.

“Save our Earth by selecting cable assemblies from CamCables.Com


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